EE Departments

EE DepartmentsEE, as one of the United Kingdom’s most popular providers of mobile phones, sim only packages, broadband and a host of other services, has a large number of customers and potential customers need to get in contact with its support staff on a daily basis. Due to having a relatively broad business, EE has created a range of different departments which are there to deal with the various aspects of its business. These are all contactable by phoning the EE contact number.

To help you deal with your interactions with EE as smoothly and swiftly as possible, here is an overview of the main EE departments you need to know about.

Home Broadband

This department deals with any problems you may be encountering such as slow download speeds, too much downtime, connection problems and other similar issues. It also deals with signing up individuals to EE’s broadband service and arranges for the installation of home routers and upgrading broadband speeds to faster levels.

Personal Mobile Phone

The personal mobile phone department deals with a variety of different services related to customers ordering a mobile phone package as well as customer support for existing users. Some of the issues which this department deals with include upgrading to more minutes on your contract, getting help if the reception you’re receiving is not as good as you had hoped for when signing up, upgrading or downgrading to a new phone and a range of other services related to personal Mobile phone use.

Business Enquiries

EE has their own specific department which deals purely with business, both large and small, and the public sector which wish to use the any of the services provided by EE. EE views all enquiries of this nature as needing a different level of support from individual users and so has established as separate department for businesses and the public sector to get in contact with.

Recycle and Reward

EE also operates a scheme which allows you to essentially trade in an old mobile phone and receive credit towards the new one in exchange. This is dealt with separately from other enquiries and has its own department.